Blatter admits that Qatar hosting the World Cup was a mistake

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Sepp Blatter, former FIFA captain plead guilty to Qatar Has hosted the 2022 World Cup without confirmation that it was chosen. But from the Executive Committee because he sincerely wants the United States to be more

Sepp Blatter former president of the International Football FederationFIFA has admitted that the decision to grant Qatar the right to host the 2022 World Cup was a mistake. Because it’s too small a country and although he did not vote for this Arab land. But had to take responsibility as the leader of the organization at that time

Blatter admits that Qatar hosting the World Cup was a mistake

Qatar has faced criticism over its treatment of migrant workers and human rights violations over homosexuality laws. While the competition had to be postponed from the middle of the year to November and December. Due to the extremely hot weather Affects the health of the players 

Most recently, the former Big Boss of a world-class football organization. came out for an interview with the media in Switzerland Since he was acquitted of allegations of embezzlement for personal gain and corruption. After paying more than 2 million Swiss francs or 74 million baht to Michel Platini, president of the European Football Federation or UEFA at the time in 2011, admitting that choosing Qatar was a mistake. miss

“At that point, we actually agreed in the Executive Committee that Russia should host the 2018 World Cup and the United States in 2022 as a sign of peace. If two long-standing political opponents host the World Cup side by side. Qatar is too small a country, the World Cup is bigger than that. I can assure you that granting Qatar rights was a mistake. And I was responsible as president at that time,”  said the 86-year-old former head of football.

Blatter also revealed that He is glad the World Cup continues. Even if you regret the decision The World Cup is now near. He is glad that no footballer has boycotted the UFABET World Cup. He sarcastically said it was thanks to Platini and his UEFA team that Qatar hosted the World Cup instead of the United States.