Fans complain that Lewan may ruin Barca after deliberately receiving a red card

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Barcelona fans can’t help but accuse Robert Lewandowski of potentially damaging the beloved team and possibly causing himself a red card during the La Liga semi-final. Before the World Cup break last night

A fan has accused Robert Lewandowski of deliberately trying to get himself a red card. During Barcelona’s clash with Osasuna last night. After the midfielder The forward was sent off in La Liga. The Poland international was sent off by referee Jesus Gil Manzano. after two yellow cards and will now miss their last game before the next round. The UFABET World Cup will begin in the next 12 days.

Fans complain that Lewan may ruin Barca after deliberately receiving a red card

          As his team trailed 1-0 from David Garcia’s goal at the El Zadar Stadium. Lewandowski clashed with Osasuna’s defender after Having previously been warned for a foul, Nacio Vidal, 34, appears to have glanced at his opponent to see his movement. Before taking the leap despite the fact that he was stunned. Discussion is not near the ball at all and seems to draw an elbow first. 

          Referee Gil Manzano had no hesitation in handing out a second yellow card and turning it into a red. And although he protested for a long time among many Barcelona players, it was ineffective. Lewandowski headed into the tunnel to shower early in the game. Later, teenager Pedro came to equalize in a game with 10 men left. The red card meant Lewandowski would face a one-game ban in La Liga, preventing him from playing. Barcelona’s last game before the World Cup It was a Catalan derby against Espanyol at Camp Nou.

          However, this turned out to be a good thing for the striker as he will be rested before Poland leaves for the World Cup. In the group stage of the first match, they will face Mexico in two weeks, on November 22 in Qatar. A number of high-profile players missed out on the winter tournament for the first time since the World Cup due to injuries against the club. Recently, it was Sadio Mane’s turn to leave the game. After suffering an injury from playing for Bayern Munich and must check the condition. Making it uncertain whether he will play for the Senegal national team or not.

   The event has led some fans to feel that Lewandowski may have had the motivation behind his red card, with some fans keen to link between Barça’s final and Poland’s first game. “Lewandowski intentionally destroys Barca because he wants to be fit for the World Cup”, “Lewandowski Intent on getting a red card for safety at the World Cup A smart man”, “Understanding Lewandowski’s real reason for not wanting to risk injury”, “It’s fair for Lewandowski. Got kicked out of the last game 30 minutes before the World Cup break. Very less likely to get injured if you’re not on the pitch!”, “555 Lewandowski received a second yellow card so he could start preparing to face Memo Ochoa. (Mexico goalkeeper) in the World Cup.”

         Although nothing proves Lewandowski was determined not to play the club’s final match. But Barcelona lost a key player in their final game against Espanyol before the World Cup break as they continue to score points away from top-ranked rivals Real Madrid . 2 of the table and that could be a big moment of their season if they fail to win.