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   Inside bets also known as Inside in roulette games are specific bets. This type of betting offers exceptionally high returns. But players have to bear the risk according to the level of return as well. Which play UFABET style The winning odds and payout rates are as follows:

How to play inside roulette with conditions that make you rich in a blink of an eye

           – Straight bet or Straight up

Is placing a bet on a particular number, chance of winning 1/37, payout rate, bet 1, pay 35, excluding capital

           – Bet on split or Split

It is a bet placed anywhere where two numbers are next to each other. Both vertically and horizontally, chances of winning 2/37, payout rate, bet 1, pay 17 excluding capital

           – Tod or Street

It is a bet on 3 horizontal numbers (eg 1, 2, 3 or 4, 5, 6 etc.). Players have to place a single chip on the end of the street or row of 3 numbers. Chances of winning are 1/12. Payout rate bet 1 pays 11 excluding capital

           – Bet at an angle or Corner

Is to bet on 4 numbers or 4 numbers that are next to each other Players must place chips on the intersection of all 4 numbers, chances of winning 4/37, payout rate, bet 1, pay 8, excluding capital.

           – Bet on a line or Line

Is to bet 6 numbers (Six line), similar to street betting, different that have to place the chip over the line, making it a 6-digit bet, chance of winning 1/6, payout rate, bet 1 pays 5, excluding capital

***For American Roulette There will be bets on 5 numbers, namely 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. The payout rate bets 1 pays 6 excludes capital and 00 row bets are 0, 00. The payout rate bets 1 pays 17 does not include capital.