Pique was sent off even though he hadn’t played so he missed his final game as planned.

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has been sent off by the referee for has not entered the field in his last game. The army that I threw it even during the Spanish La Liga game last night.

      Gerard Pique, Barcelona icon about to retire got a red card despite has not played for the club against Osasuna last night. The Spaniard is scheduled to make his final appearance for the Spanish giants first. To bid farewell to the football career Pique announced a surprising retirement from football last week. And played in the last game at Camp Nou last weekend. The 35-year-old is scheduled to play as a second-half substitute against Osasuna before formally retiring.

Pique was sent off even though he hadn't played so he missed his final game as planned.

          However, Pique was unable to do so as a substitute due to a red card at half-time. This centre-back was dismissed by the referee. He appeared to have complained and used profanity about an earlier decision to fire forward Robert Lewandowski in the first half of Barca’s 2-1 victory. The Poland international was sent off after two yellow cards in the span of 19 minutes. He will not play again before heading to the UFABET World Cup.

          Pique is scheduled to play his last game late in the game. But he was fired and had to bid farewell in a rather unattractive way. He has revealed his intention to retire from playing in the winter break when the Qatar World Cup kicks off. For last night’s game Barca managed to win without the likes of Lewandowski and Pique, with goals from Pedri and Rafinha. Osasuna’s goal from David Garcia puts Xavi Hernandez’s side at the top of La Liga. A five-game lead over second-placed Real Madrid. marking 

The victory over Osasuna came after Pique bid farewell to fans at the Nou Camp on Saturday following the win over Almeria. The former Manchester United player said of the fans following the 2-0 victory. In our lives, when you get older You know sometimes love is letting go. I believe I will come here again in the future.” “I love Barça. That’s why I think it’s the perfect time to leave. This is not goodbye, I was born here and I will die here.”

         Pique also announced his retirement from football in a video on social media, telling fans: “Barcelona gave it all to me, you guys, Coulers (Barcelona fans). Lona) I gave it all to me. And now that [this kid]’s dream has come true. I want to tell you that I have decided now is the time to end this journey. Always said that I would not be at another team after Barca. It will be I will be a big fan of the team. I will support the team will pass on my love for Barcelona to my children and you know sooner or later I will be back.”