Risk is more important than Roulette.

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One thing that many people tend to make mistakes, whether they are newbies, old hands, even veterans, are overlooked. That’s the level of risk. Most people tend to focus more on the roulette formula because it’s easy. It doesn’t have to think Just follow it and it works. When you think like that, take a stab without looking at the risk. When the bucket broke, the bag broke up and complained that the formula was not good.

In fact, the risk of roulette can be divided into two broad types: high risk. With low risk Here it is easy to see from the payout rate , the less the online casino pays, the more it means that it has a chance to win more prizes. If which one pays a lot, then it has a small chance. For example, those with very low risks pay no more than 2 times the capital, while those with high risks pay at least 5 times up to 35 times.

Risk is more important than Roulette.

For low-risk roulette, there are betting patterns as follows UFABET.

  • Bet on black-red, it is predicting what color the ball will fall into. If it falls into the color box that we bet on, it is considered a win. Get rewards back at a payout ratio of 1: 1
  • Bet Even-Odd is predicting whether the ball will land in an even or odd number box. If it falls in the box that we bet on, we win, the payout rate is 1: 1 as well.
  • Bet on high-low is predicting whether the prize number will be in the group of high numbers (19-36) or low numbers (1-18), but remember that the number 0 is not a high and low number. The payout rate for this type of bet is 1: 1.
  • Bet on the favorite row is to predict in which row the prize will be drawn. On the table, the numbers are divided into 3 rows: 1st, 2nd and 3rd with 12 numbers each, while 0 is not in any row. The payout is 1: 2.
  • Teng Teng Zone is a prediction similar to Teng Thaew. But this one will divide the group of numbers into all 3 zones as well, which are 1st, 2nd and 3rd zones, 12 numbers each, number 0 will not be in any zone, the payout rate is 1: 2

This time, let’s see how high-risk roulette they stab each other. How much do you pay?

  • Bet on a favorite number is a bet on a specific number only. But in that round, we can bet as many numbers as there is no limit. Can bet from numbers 0 – 36, payout rate 1: 35
  • Hunchback 2 numbers are bets on 2 numbers at the same time, the condition is that 2 numbers must be adjacent to each other on the betting table, payout ratio 1: 17
  • Hunchback 3 numbers is a bet on 3 numbers at the same time. which must be 3 numbers in the same row, the payout rate is 1: 11
  • Hunchback 4 numbers is a bet at the same time 4 numbers that are adjacent to all 4 numbers (square), payout rate 1: 8
  • Hunchback 6 numbers are bets simultaneously on 6 adjacent numbers or 2 adjacent rows, payout rate 1: 5