When signals from the “skin” tell of a dangerous disease in you

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As the eyes are the window to the heart, Just as the skin is an expression of the strength and completeness of the body’s health. We all probably look in the mirror every day to check our appearance. And some of you survey several times a day. Believe it or not, a little bit of knowledge for carefully observing our skin. In addition to helping us look good If it can help you be careful of various diseases that are about to happen, Associate Professor Dr. Pawanee Rerknimit, Public Relations Dermatologist Association of Thailand Therefore, we provide information on observing our skin as follows.

When signals from the "skin" tell of a dangerous disease in you

Black skin keeps getting darker for no reason. 

If you observe yourself It was found that the black skin gradually became darker without being exposed to the sun. or having any outdoor activities The ufabet https://ufabet999.com skin turns darker. Found black patches on various mucous membranes, such as in the cheeks. The palm lines became dark. Wrinkles and scars are becoming increasingly dark. This symptom can be caused by many reasons, such as taking certain medications, such as blood pressure medicine, or it is a sign of many diseases, such as disease of the adrenal glands that produce fewer hormones than normal. A definitive diagnosis is made when you see a doctor for a thorough physical examination and laboratory tests.

The skin turns yellow 

If you notice that your skin is becoming increasingly yellow, it may indicate that you have hepatitis. or there is a hidden blockage of the biliary tract This condition was originally called jaundice. If you notice changes such as the skin becoming yellow. It is recommended that you try looking at the whites of your eyes. If the whites of the eyes also turn yellow Including the stool becoming pale in color. It is recommended to consult a doctor and do not wait if you are jaundiced or have yellow palms and soles of your feet. But the eyes aren’t yellow yet. Don’t be alarmed yet. This is because eating a lot of yellow fruits such as papaya and pumpkin. The carotene in these fruits and vegetables will make the skin yellow. If you stop eating the yellow color, it will gradually fade and disappear on its own.

Found a white rash on the skin. 

If it’s a white star And the white is so white that it looks like white paper. You can clearly see the boundaries on your face, arms and legs, around the eyes. lips or in the body May be a symptom of vitiligo. which is caused by the destruction of pigment cells which patients with vitiligo One part has hidden thyroid disease. Therefore you should consult a doctor. In order to undergo a thorough physical examination In addition to preventing hidden diseases It may also be able to restore the skin to its original beauty.

Acne appears and menstruation is irregular. 

If there are a lot of acne, oily face, and weight gain. Starting to see a mustache Long hair and irregular periods These can be caused by abnormal hormones due to ovarian cysts. So even if you have acne, don’t be complacent. If acne starts to not feel as cool as you thought Plus the abnormal symptoms mentioned above. Be sure to let your dermatologist know. so that it can be forwarded for examination in a timely manner

Dry, cracked skin 

When you get older The skin will naturally dry out. Especially in the shin area. We see that many elderly people have problems with skin that is very dry to the point of inflammation and rashes. However, if the skin is very dry Even applying lotion and nourishing cream still doesn’t improve. But it was dry and cracked like fish scales. This may be a sign that there is a deficiency of certain nutrients, such as essential fatty acids. Or it may be a disease such as cancer in the lymph nodes. Or some kind of infection has occurred.

If you have dry skin, it is recommended to initially maintain and moisturize your skin. Refrain from taking a bath that is extremely hot, almost hot. Or use highly alkaline soap. Always apply nourishing cream regularly. Examine and feel lumps in various areas such as the neck, armpits, or groin. The lumps are cancerous. Unlike other infections, it usually doesn’t hurt. If it still doesn’t get better or you can feel a lump, it’s recommended to see a doctor immediately.

Itchy, itchy, itchy 

Itching is a symptom that comes with dry skin. If the skin is dry, it can be very itchy. But in some people, the itching is severe. Until it interferes with daily life or even to the point of being unable to sleep, even though there is no allergic rash or hives, if symptoms like this occur It may be caused by the accumulation of substances that cause itching in the body. Which is found in chronic kidney failure and liver disease. In some cases, there is severe itching after bathing. which is an early symptom of some blood diseases as well

My hair is falling out a lot. 

Normally, hair falls from the scalp on a regular basis. This is because new hair must be replaced. But if you lose a lot of hair, averaging more than 100 strands per day, or just gently stroking or pulling. It fell out and stuck in my hand. It may indicate an abnormality, such as caused by certain medications. Severe physical stress autoimmune disease or thyroid disease Try to notice other abnormal symptoms as well, such as a rash, allergic reaction to light, or sores in the mouth. May be a symptom of an autoimmune disease called SLE (SLE), sweating, palpitations, weight loss, and irritability, which may be a symptom of too much thyroid hormone. 

The Dermatological Association of Thailand recognizes that everyone should take care of themselves regularly. And observing changes in the skin and body will help find abnormalities or diseases quickly and in a timely manner. A little knowledge about the skin may help you prevent serious diseases quite unbelievably.